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Press Play (above) to hear actual game radio traffic and battlefield sound effects.

Now Introducing Gellyball!


War Play is proud to offer a new and cheaper paintball experience for all ages   “Gellyball”
  • 8mm soft gel ball
  • Fully automatic pistols
  • Ages 5 and up
  • $35 for all equipment
  • $1 per hopper of 750 rounds
Gellyball is a new game that uses fully automatic pistols that shoot an 8mm soft gel ball.  This soft gell ball has minimal impact and leaves no mess.  Perfect for younger players but extremely fun for all ages.
Be sure to make your reservations on the website as equipment is limited!

Making Tactical Gaming


War play is taking no shortcuts

  • High Quality Equipment
  • Complete Gear Loadouts
  • Communication Headsets w/PTT
  • Tactical Mapping & Tracking
  • Leadership & Team Support 
  • Battlefield Sights & Sounds

It's time to bring your "video" Game...





Walk-on Packages

Rental Special – $45.00  (includes marker, mask, 500 paintballs & all day air)
The Recruit – $95.00 (includes marker, mask, 2000 paintballs, & all day air)
The Veteran (for those with your own equipment) – $85.00 (includes 2000 paintballs & all day air)

Price includes: GOG eNMEy marker, 200 round hopper, full face mask and barrel cover.
Includes all equipment and fees, as well as 500 paintballs.

If you are bringing your own equipment:
Field Fee – $15.00
All Day Air: $10.00 (We currently offer compressed air only)
If you don’t own a compressed air tank we will be happy to rent you one of ours for $5.00; There are no special modifications to go from C02 to compressed air tanks, so no worries on swapping them out.

Paint Prices:

(War Play Paintball is Field Paint only)

2000 Paintballs – $80.00 each
500 Paintballs – $25.00 each


Rental Special – $50 (all day play includes gun, radio, headset with PTT, and chest rig)

Due to equipment setup and special staffing requirements, reservations are required. A 10% non-refundable deposit is collected when making reservations and will be credited to your bill when you arrive at the field to play.

Saturdays from 11 AM to 4 PM. Private games are available during the week.


Rental Special – $35 (all day play includes gun and mask. Gellyballs $1 per 750 round hopper)

Additional Items:

Compressed Air Tank Rental – $5.00 **
Body Armor Rental – $3.00 **
Pod Pack Rental – $3.00 **
Mask Rental – $5.00

Snacks and Drinks:

Bottled Water – $1.00

Awesome time! We went on January 13 2018 and had a blast. I'm not going to lie, I had doubts about lasers in the woods during the day but I was not disappointed. The weapons are to scale and are extremely accurate. The staff was very friendly and helpful with our questions and request. Definitely going back.
Steven D
Thanks guys for hosting our group! Made a reservation for laser tag for a group of 13 people. The arenas and games were great, and the equipment was a lot of fun to use. The refs did a terrific job! Will definitely be back again soon!
Maureen L
2 years ago
Great time! Realistic equipment, enthusiastic staff, fun for all.
Keith S
2 years ago
This place is an undiscovered gem and will give you an experience unlike any you've ever had. It makes for an equally incredible day for a family or a bachelor party. Would recommend to people in at least moderate physical condition, as it can be a great workout as you run through the woods and get the adrenaline pumping from the full experience. All of the staff is so helpful and our guide (Zach) was excellent at explaining the field, the games, and building suspense and excitement in the story line. This is the most fun I've had in a long time. If you like escape rooms (i.e. working as a coordinated team under intense mental conditions) and want to combine that with being outdoors and a physical challenge (although you can pace yourself), you will love this. The only surprise was that we got 4 HOURS of game play and we had come prepared for only about 90 minutes! That works out to an incredible value for the $$ (much more cost effective than paintball, and frankly, I think it is more strategic). Can't wait to come back and see this as it continues to add new features...the owner has some amazing plans which I won't spoil here.
Eric S
Went here with a group of friends and it was so nice. It was very open and a lot of friendly people there. Instructions were explained very well before playing and getting gear together. I will definitely be going back.
Michela G
I always have a blast there and have an awesome time with my friends! 10/10 would recommend!
Holly A
War Play has awesome laser tag. Very accurate, long range with tactical comms, you will not be disappointed!
Sam T
War Play was so much fun! They play safe and have great fields. The equipment was good, too. We can't wait to go back next weekend.
Gisele A
This place and it's team are awesome. We've played paintball several times there and my son wanted to do his birthday party there wiyh laser tag. It was hands down the best laser tag with the most realistic equipment. Everyone kids and adults had a blast. They let us being tents and a grill and we did the whole party there. I highly recommend.
Lacey L
We did the laser tag today with a group of young teens. The guns are very cool and well taken care of; there are also a variety to chose from, including sniper rifles and sub machine guns. The office area and all fields and seating areas are outdoors. There is ample parking and the facilities are rustic but clean. The owner, Tor, was very helpful and knowledgeable. The young men who work there are all very friendly and helpful, too. We had a fairly large group and they managed everything well. We had some minor equipment issues (with non-gun equipment) but nothing to downgrade for as they weren't huge inconveniences.
Meghan LU
Absolutely had a great time. The owners and staff were top notch and the experience was far better than I ever expected. Very realistic and can't wait to do it again. A++
Frank W
Surprisingly realistic and such a great time. We came in numbers for a bachelor party and had an amazing time. The guy that owns the place is a great guy and very passionate about what he does; which is so incredible to see these days.
Jon H
So much fun and the staff is always so nice every time I'm there.
Marcus W
A huge playing field, great variety of weapons to choose from to really immerse you into the combat. Had no idea it would be this much fun! Definitely recommend this place and I will be returning very soon.
Kevin H
Great fields, great, friendly staff, will be back for sure. Definitely coming back and DEFINITELY want to check out the laser tag!
Benjamin P
Veteran players will know that what makes a good paintball experience are staff, field design, and the players. The War Play staff and referees are top notch. They are always professional, keep safety a top priority, and are dedicated to making sure play is fair for all players. You can tell a lot of thought went into field design as there is almost no unnecessary clutter, all bunkers have a purpose and contribute to gameplay and tactics, and the fields incorporate a good balance of woods ball and bunker play styles. The crowd that frequents war play typically leave their egos at home and you can expect fair play with players that have integrity. Always a fun time here, hands-down best field in the area. Consider making War Play your "home court" if it's not already.
Dizzle F (Moss Man Productions)
High quality rentals, great customer service staff is super friendly. I will recommend this place to anyone. Lots of fun scenarios. Lots of good coverage. Fun for all experience levels!