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WarPlay Paintball was created by two Marine veterans who have enjoyed the sport of paintball since the early 1980’s. We became tired of playing on fields that were thrown together with little thought about design, terrain, tactics, or even purpose. “Not all Paintball Fields are created equal, come and experience the difference” is more than just our motto, building better designed fields is our primary mission at WarPlay Paintball. Come and experience the difference for yourselves.

Older players enjoy woods ball because of the personal challenges that result from stalking and ambushing your opponents. However, most young speed demons hate the long wait between firefights, so they prefer the chaos and the straight forward tactics of speedball. We have designed hybrid fields to combine the quickness of speedball with the challenges of woods ball. These fields are smaller than traditional woods ball fields so contact will be very quick.

Contact can be expected on these hybrid fields in the first 50 seconds, consequent firefights are frequent and fierce as each team maneuvers for position throughout the battlefield. Tactics and teamwork are required for success on these fields. Our field design will allow teams and individuals to break contact in order to maneuver. Beware: obstacles and terrain make these fields play larger than they really are, you can easily find yourself cut off and surrounded.

All of our fields have Dead Zones (spawn areas) so the most you sit out is 5 minutes!

For the die hard players we also have traditional speedball and woods ball available.




Saturday and Sunday
Paintball 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Lasertag 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Private games available during the week with reservations.


War Play Paintball & Lasertag
30067 Constitution Hwy
Rhoadesville, VA 22542


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