Weekdays (M-F): CLOSED for Walk-On play. OPEN for private parties. Call for more details.

Saturday & Sunday: OPEN for Walk-On play 10 AM-4:00 PM. Also, OPEN for private parties. Please see our Private Games webpage for more details.

The minimum age to play PAINTBALL at our park is 10 years old. Past that age, we leave it up to the parent or guardian to decide if his or her child is mature enough to play. We require a Waiver and Release of Liability form be signed by parents or guardians with legal responsibility whose children are under 18 years old. Paintball is a very safe sport as long as our simple safety rules are followed. If you are unsure, please feel free to stop by on the weekend to tour our park, and you can decide if paintball is the right sport for your child.

Parents need to know about the nature of the activity and decide for themselves whether their particular child is mature enough to participate in paintball. To assist you with this decision, please contact our friendly staff members at (571) 442-4291 for further information. Our knowledgeable staff members will gladly answer any of your questions and provide you with advice that will help when making your decision.

Paintball is one of the safest sports and statistically has the least number of injuries of all sports – this includes baseball, bowling, fishing and numerous other sports. As with any other sport or activity, there is always the potential for injury. As long as our standard field safety rules are followed and the proper use of industry developed & approved safety equipment is utilized, paintball is one of the safest, participatory sports in the world.

The short answer is: Heck Yes It Hurts! Getting hit by a fast moving pellet is part of the game. Fortunately, it isn’t as bad as one thinks. Paintballs break upon impact dissipating most of the energy and causing very little pain. What pain is felt is comparable to being snapped by a towel and goes away after a few seconds. Of course, being shot at close range will tend to “accentuate” the sensation (read “hurt more”) than a hit from further away. Generally though, the thrill of the game will overshadow any pain that might be felt from a hit. A player can count on leaving the field with a few welts, but they make great visual aids when recounting paintball stories to your buddies.

Walk-On’s are like “pick up” games of paintball.The group is a mixture of all ages and is comprised of all players who show up to play without a reservation. Teams are split evenly by our experienced referees before the games begin.

Players should wear old comfortable clothing they don’t mind getting dirty (ex: military pants, sweat pants and shirts, overalls, denim, etc). Depending on the time of year, you may want to layer your clothing. As the day gets warmer, you can remove clothing and add back on if it cools off. We advise that you also bring a change of clothes for the end of the game day. The most suitable footwear would be a light boot, but old running shoes are also commonly worn. We DO NOT allow open toe shoes or sandals. We also recommend some form of head gear. This will help keep your head warm during colder months and absorb sweat during warmer months.

Yes. All players are required to fill out a Waiver and Release of Liability form before they begin to play. Players under the age of 18 years old are required to have their parent or guardian with legal responsibility fill out their waiver form. If parent will not be present at the time of registration, it is mandatory that the parent list his or her driver’s license number on the waiver form.

Yes. We feature GOG Enmey paintball markers. Included with your rental are a Compressed Air Tank (with unlimited air refills), Barrel Cover and Mask.

Yes. You can bring your own equipment to the park; however, it will be at the discretion of the field manager whether you can use it. All equipment must meet our safety requirements. We reserve the right to disallow certain equipment which does not meet our standards. Your equipment must meet the following criteria:

Goggles must be designed for paintball play – free of cracks and cannot be altered in any way.

Paintball Markers must meet standard industry safety criteria. Maximum allowed velocity is 290 FPS. All paintball markers must have a barrel cover on when not in play.

No. For player safety (and by insurance mandate), we are a field-paint only facility. Both the tournament grade and standard paintballs well sell are always freshly stocked and maintained in a temperature controlled environment. Referees will remove any player found using non-field paintballs. No exceptions!

Yes. We sell a variety of drinks, packaged food and candy. Pizza is ordered from a local vendor upon request.

Feel free to bring your own food, cooler, and even grill to cookout.