About Us

The Evolution of my Dream

WarPlay Paintball was created by two Marine veterans who have enjoyed the sport of paintball since the early 1980’s. We became tired of playing on fields that were thrown togeta

I started War Play Paintball over 10 years ago with the sole purpose to build the most aggressive paintball field in the country. My ultimate goal was to simulate combat and for that, paintball was the best method available at the time. Partnering up with my old company Gunny, we focused on building scenario fields and created an exciting paintball experience for all to enjoy.

The one problem, I have always had with paintball is the weapon systems and the flight characteristics of paintballs. Paintballs drop several inches over minimum distance. Slow flight time makes it impossible to truly snipe people at any distance. 10 years ago, I looked at laser tag and air soft but paintball was the best option to build my dream of combat simulation until now.

The technology now exists to make my dream come true. Laser tag is the closest in flight time and the weapon platforms are exact. In fact, these weapons are easier to shoot than the real weapons, especially the sniper weapon systems as the flight of the laser is not influenced by environmental characteristics over distances. This means, if you can look through a scope and pull the trigger, you will hit your target even at great distances at the speed of light.

We are constantly building new and exciting scenario fields to take advantage of these weapon systems. In fact, we are currently in the process of building a “NUKE TOWN” style scenario to scale for laser tag. This will include two full size two story buildings and a school bus. Each building will contain TVs for players to monitor individual kill counts and achievements and real-time death match team total standings. (Estimated completion in April 2016)

We take great pride in our well thought out field designs with multiple kill boxes, ambush zones, and fortifications that will require teamwork and sacrifice in order to overcome. These fields will challenge even the most experienced of players.

I hope you come out and experience what Military Grade Outdoor Laser Tag is all about.

Semper Fi,