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Try Gellyball!

War Play is proud to offer a fun alternative experience for all ages:   “Gellyball”

  • 8mm soft gel ball
  • Fully automatic pistols
  • Ages 5 and up
  • $40 for all equipment
  • All day gellyball refills

Gellyball is a new game for players 8 and up that uses fully automatic pistols that shoot an 8mm soft gel ball.  This soft gell ball has minimal impact and leaves no mess.  Perfect for younger players but extremely fun for all ages.

Be sure to make your reservations on the website as equipment is limited.

PAINTBALL (ages 10+)

Walk-on Packages

Paintball Rental Special – $45.00  (includes marker, mask, 500 paintballs & all day air)

Price includes: GOG eNMEy marker, 200 round hopper, full face mask and barrel cover. Includes all equipment and fees, as well as 500 paintballs.

If you are bringing your own equipment:

Field Fee – $15.00
All Day Air: $10.00 (We currently offer compressed air only)
If you don’t own a compressed air tank we will be happy to rent you one of ours for $5.00; There are no special modifications to go from C02 to compressed air tanks, so no worries on swapping them out.

Paint Prices:

(War Play Paintball is Field Paint only)

2000 Paintballs – $80.00 each
500 Paintballs – $25.00 each

Snacks and Drinks:

Bottled Water – $1.00

GELLYBALL (ages 8+)

Gellyball Rental Special – $35 (ages 8 and up, includes Gellyball pistol, mask, and all-day Gellyball refills)

Weekends from 11 AM to 3 PM. Weekday private games are available.

LASERTAG (ages 13+)

Lasertag Rental Package ($50, ages 13+, includes rental gun, two-way radio and sling with radio and handset. Due to setup and prep time required for play, all reservations must be prepaid. While reservations are non-refundable, they can be cancelled and rescheduled to a later date at no cost.

Reservations available any day of the week. Afternoon slots from 12 PM to 4 PM. Evening slots from 5 PM to 9 PM (with the option to extend to 11 PM).

Additional Items:

Compressed Air Tank Rental – $5.00 **
Body Armor Rental – $3.00 **
Pod Pack Rental – $3.00 **
Mask Rental – $5.00