If you have experienced laser tag as a kid running through an indoor maze, then War Play Laser Tag in Rhoadesville, VA will be a new experience for you. It is a complete military grade laser tag scenario field custom designed for the players. Our weapons are made of the same materials as their real counterparts with working bolts. They simulate the noise, recoil and muzzle flash of the real weapon and are capable of hitting targets at 1000 feet.

We use electronic props such as remote bombs, motion sensor mines for scenario play as well as electronic ammo and first aid boxes in the play area to extend your life. Our 43 acres of fields include 40 foot bridges, concrete bunkers, entrenchments, command towers and much more. We have both large and small fields for adults and children. These military fortifications combined with our weapon systems will ensure you will have an experience unlike anything you will find with anywhere else.


With reservations (same day reservations allowed). 

Weekends from 11 AM to 4 PM. Private games are available during the week.

Winter Hours

WarPlay Lasertag is open every Saturday and Sunday and now offering our Winter special for $45 for all day play between 11:00-4:00 pm. Arrive early and play all day for $45. Reservations are recommended and valid until 11:00pm and then first come first serve.

We are receiving new weapons all the time but currently have limited weapons for 16 and younger as these are exact replicas of actual weapons and many are too heavy for younger players.

Please make a reservation to ensure equipment availability.